Presenting the details and outcomes of projects funded under Catholic Workers Movement


In our work as CWM, we are also supporting and founding different Projects all over Uganda, to improve the livelihoods of our members and people close to them. For that we differ between: CWM-Projects, which are group or individual Projects of CWM- Members and are used to increase their income. E.g. Piggery-, Farming-, or Crafting-Projects. Supported-Projects, which are in the most cases from outstanding people and are helped by CWM. E.g. Hospitals, Schools, or Kindergartens.


poultry project can be either a group project or just led by a single member as a private project. In the case of a group project, the money for financing, so for the stable and the first chickens that comes out of the group found ....


A piggery project can be either a group project or just leaded by a single member as a private project. In the case of a group project the money for the financing, so for the stable and the first pigs comes out of the group found...

Supported Schools

The CWM is also supporting Schools by the acquisition of learn materials and building up class rooms, offices, libraries or sanitation facilities. Not just through financing, they also help by the construction itself. These schools are Nursery-, Primary-, Secondary- and Vocational-Schools.

Tree Growing

Tree growing projects just exist as group projects, because they can be quite expensive in the beginning. That means the money which brings this projects up comes from the group fond. So the profit goes also back to the group fond. The work is divided among the members, the ones who are not working directly on the field, support the Project with money...


One the first view agriculture projects are looking quite similar, but in fact there are to find many different kinds of fruits, vegetables, grains and others (e.g. potatoes, beans, peas, cassava, pineapple, bananas, mangos, avocados, maize, etc.).

Bee Keeping

Bee-Keeping Projects exist until now just as group projects, but every member has his or her own bee hive/s for which he or she is responsible. In these projects, they harvest wild honey from wild bees, by putting up bee hives...

CWM Carpentry – Workshop

In CWM carpentry workshops young people, mostly young men, have the chance to get crafting skills. With these skills they are able to find a job and earn their own money. This offer is mainly for those, who could not finish their school education and don´t have any perspective for their future.

CWM Catering Services

To bring up a Catering Service Project is in the beginning somehow difficult and expensive because of all the equipment you have to buy for it. But after it has been growing, it will be a good project to get money out of it. Until now Catering Services have just appeared as group projects.