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We offer young men and women the opportunity to complete a certain period of time of Service on a voluntary basis. Working to promote solidarity through self-Help activities with, for, and among young people in schools, kindergartens, villages, families, orphanages, and institutions.  By offering this, we want to enforce development in our country, by showing volunteers what it means to live in a developing country and accepting every advice to do our work in a better way. As a Volunteer at the YCWM, you have the opportunity, to work and live together with a different culture and people from a fantastic country – The Pearl of Africa. Make new experiences and have an unforgettable time in Uganda.

The CW-SLA network currently consists of a total of 209 SLAs. 89 groups are classified as mature, which means that they have successfully reached the desired level of maturity, which no longer requires supervision and support. For categorising mature SLAs, criteria such as the regular holding of the meetings, correct methodology used in lending approach in terms of loan application, terms of repayment and a clear agreement with the borrower, reporting, and the payment of the fees are used. CW-SLA has thus proven the success of the approach, as these SLAs can now act autonomously and independently. The mature SLAs shall continue to report to the network and provide their knowledge and expertise to the network, new SLAs and SLAs facing challenges through best practice and individual consultation.

65 groups are currently developing as expected, but are still being supported. 55 groups, on the other hand, require particularly intensive care. This results in 120 groups that still need to be supported. CW-SLA shall also develop a concept on how to deal with SLAs that despite extensive support over a certain timespan don’t perform as expected.

Over the next three years, the Network plans to support the funding of another 250 new groups. To ensure success, the existing pool of voluntary trainers is to be expanded from 43 to a total of 81. As in the first year, focus shall be put on consolidation and professionalization, CW-SLA aims to grow by 40 new SLAs and 6 new Volunteer Trainers

CW-SLA Map of Uganda 08/2021 - 07/2024,
showing number of targeted CW-SLAs and volunteer trainers per diocese